How InAir Studio Developed an Automated Operating System using Airtable and Quickbooks for Trade Labels

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Trade Labels
Trade Labels provides nutritional information labels to supermarkets, natural food stores, co-ops, candy stores, and independents nationwide. They work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and distributors to maintain a 20,000+ item database to produce the most accurate up-to-date nutritional labels required by large retailers. Their customers include companies such as Publix, Central Market, Whole Foods, HEB, United Supermarkets, and New Seasons Markets.

Project Overview


Trade Labels needed a more modern and efficient system to handle their growing customer base, vendors, and nutritional labels. They had been using a Microsoft Access database for their operations, but it lacked user-friendliness, integration with other tools, and the ability to connect with customers and vendors directly.

As a result, they began searching for an expert agency in Airtable to provide a complete solution for modernizing their entire operations.


Trade Labels approached InAir to build their entire operational process in Airtable. They needed a way to track all vendors, customers, and the nutrition information on the labels in a single system.

Other requirements included a way to allow their customers to add pending products requiring label verification without storing it in their master list. In addition, they needed to notify vendors and customers of the status of nutritional labels. Their system needed to be integrated with their accounting system, Quickbooks Online.


At InAir Studios, we were able to create an brand new system and infrastructure for their company. We started with a comprehensive review of all the systems and tools they needed in their daily workflows. We then planned the architecture of your system to meet their needs. We built a new Airtable database that housed their 20,000+ nutritional labels, customers, and vendors.

We built portals where customers and vendors could add and access information easily. We integrated Airtable with their accounting software, Quickbooks, for a complete financial overview of their company. Our engineers built a Custom Extension, integrated their system with Adobe InDesign, and create a custom Google Apps script for generating custom UPC codes.

As a result, Trade Labels now boasts a fully customized operational system, ensuring they can thrive and continuously meet the demands of their vendors and customers.

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