Enhancing Media Production Soundscapes Behind the Scenes with Airtable and InAir

What We Accomplished


Media Production Specialists Using System


Custom User Type Interfaces


Multi-Team Collaboration
Global Media and Entertainment Company
A renowned global media and entertainment company with a diverse portfolio that encompasses television broadcasting, film production, theme parks, and digital media.

Project Overview

The TV and Trailer Sound Mixing Production teams at a global media company engaged InAir Studio in a multi-layered project to transition data into Airtable for Project management and to improve collaboration and communication among teams through custom interfaces and notifications.


The teams were using two different systems leaving a gap in collaboration. They wanted to use Airtable to increase transparency across teams, create a single source of truth, and implement more custom user interfaces and permissions.


  • Designed and built a Media Production Project management system in Airtable 
  • Created custom Airtable Interfaces showcasing relevant projects and tasks for eight different roles and user types
  • Built complex notification features to bring all communication inside of Airtable


  • Streamlined TV and Trailer Sound Mixing Production campaigns, projects, and communications into a single dedicated system for enhanced organization
  • Focused insights per team member with their own custom dashboards

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Rafael Rashid, Founder

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Sergio has been the best to work with. Nothing is ever a problem. Sergio has taken our ideas and worked them into a functioning base. He is very easy to work with. I highly recommend.

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