Folks that get the job done.

We've put together one of the strongest consulting teams in the Airtable Ecosystem. We are known for handling the most complex projects mostly big enterprises have. If it can be thought of systematically, it can be done on Airtable.


Combined years of engineering experience


Extremely talented


Projects Completed since our launch

Trusted by some of the fastest growing companies

Our growth journey

InAir Studio is born

  • Dan and Sergio joined forces 7+ years working on their own agencies separately

  • The first few customers start to appear...

  • ..... And they tell their friends about it

The first seeds of growth

  • We grew from a team of 2, to over 10 in the span of weeks.

  • We hit the 10-client mark

  • We started closing Fortune-500 level contracts

Growth went bananas!

  • We hit 3-digit growth rate!

  • Closed our biggest contract to date

  • Added new assets to our team after a successful Hiring sprint!

Year-end with excellent metrics

  • Double digit QoQ growth

  • Over 5,000+ hours worked for our clients

  • Added another Fortune-500 client to our portfolio

This year we're heading further...

  • Forecasting a 5X growth over the year

  • Are planning to deliver work at a staggering pace

  • Working on making our internal systems even more robust

Talent with no borders!

Sergio López

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Fellars


David Gatlin

Client Operations Director

Alex Mendoza

Head of Growth

Geocarlos Alves

Lead Engineer

Laura Rojas

Accounts Receivable & Payables

Martin Eriksson

Solutions Architect

Ana López

Senior Engineer

Daniel Correa

Senior Engineer

Valentina Martelo

Project Manager

Daniela González

HR Director

Irene Escobar

Finance Assistant

Dámaris Amador

Lead Designer

Santiago Velosa

Senior Engineer

Ramón Gutiérrez

Senior Engineer

Perla Razo Tapia

Executive Assistant

Celeste Perez Araoz

Project Manager

Hari Dasa Fiuza

Senior Engineer


HR intern

Anna Fellars

Biz Dev Intern

Lucas Secerbegovic

Project Manager

Kyle Gatlin

Client Success Coordinator

Russell Bishop

Training Specialist

César Rodríguez

Technical Project Manager

We are based worldwide

If you are a first-principles thinker, and love engineering, we'd love to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a problem but are not sure what solution we need. Can you guide us?

The InAir team specializes in putting together solutions to high-level problems, even if you don't know what the solution you need looks like, by asking questions and looking at your needs, we will be able to creatively come up wit the right solution to the particular problems you want to solve.

Can you integrate with the 3rd party apps we use?

Yup, we're a Zapier and Make (previously Integromat) Certified Expert team. And even if this 3rd party has a weird API setting or requires custom code, we'll get it done.

Why are other enterprise companies choosing InAir?

We prioritize simple user experiences and find clever solutions to complicated problems. We get the work done regardless of its complexity. We understand how to navigate within the complexities of a big business and have done this over and over in the past.

Why should I choose InAir over another consulting agency?

InAir is an excellent fit for companies that need an expert partner to build their dream ecosystem. We provide our clients with a dedicated team that can treat them with care, a busy CEO won't be the one doing the homework.

Who will I be working with once we sign the contract?

When you sign up, you'll be assigned to a team comprised of a Solutions Architect (an expert in Airtable that can translate your needs into guidance for the group), a Project Manager (who will take care of the project progress like they're you), and a lead engineer (who will be implementing the changes). They will create what we call "User Stories", in an iterating workflow where the end result is the solution you need.

Successful teams use InAir to get Airtable Superpowers

Iker Quilez, Founder / Partner

Waiting Area Media

Consulting made easy – Dan knows the ins and outs of airtable better than anyone we’ve worked with. On time and quick to respond. Look forward to working with him again.

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