Junction Assistant

Quickly build junction table records linked to one or many records

Quickly build junction table records linked to one or many records For bases that include many-to-many relationships, creating the "junction table" records that store information about those relationships is often a chore. This custom extension is designed to help make working with junction table records in Airtable as smooth as possible. Create one or multiple records linked to one or several other tables in a flash, all while avoiding duplicating existing junction records. Learn More | Help Center Free Features · Create a new junction table record linked to one or more records in related tables · Avoid the creation of duplicate junction table records by viewing existing records that exactly match the current selections Premium Features Subscribe to unlock the following features: · Create new junction table with links to one or more related tables in the base · Create new junction table records in bulk (one per linked record) Extension designed and developed by KamillionaireApps **Icon made by surang from https://www.flaticon.com/** Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy