Auto-generate images in bulk from your records

You need a way to automate your visual production in volume from Airtable data? You've come at the right place. Abyssale helps you easily generate thousands of images within Airtable, using your record's data and even automate the entire process! Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Abyssale Airtable Extension: Auto-generate banners for your social-media posts Auto-generate display ads for your advertising campaign. Auto-generate images for your blog posts. Auto-generate voucher codes for your new customers. Auto-generate images to embed in your cold emails. And more … 2 ways to get started : 1️⃣ Generate your images with Airtable data from Abyssale Create or login to your Abyssale account here Create or choose a template Connect your Airtable base to Abyssale by following our guided tutorial Generate your banners 🚀 2️⃣ Generate your images directly within Airtable through the Airtable Abyssale app Create an account or login to Abyssale here Choose or create a template Go to the Airtable where you have the data you want to use Add the Abyssale Extension to Airtable To add your Abyssale API key, got to https://app.abyssale.com/settings/api/key Copy and paste your API key inside the Airtable Abyssale extension Then choose the Table and view you want to connect the extension to Choose the Abyssale template you want to generate images from Then map the fields of your table to the layers you want to affect in your Abyssale template Choose the column of your table you want to save the generated images to. Confirm your API consumption and voila ! Pro tip : You can even add a button to a column to quickly generate banners from a specific Airtable row ;) Please note that you will need an active paid subscription to Abyssale to use this extension. Learn more About Abyssale