CSV import

Import CSV files into your base

If you're looking to move inventory records, a list of customer leads, or an email subscriber list into Airtable, then try the CSV import app. With the CSV import app, you can add new records to an existing table in your base from a CSV file. Simply drag and drop a CSV file onto the app to get started. Mapping columns in your CSV to fields in your Airtable base is simple—and the order and names of the fields in your CSV don't necessarily have to match the order and names of the fields in your Airtable base. The CSV import app will also remember your field mappings the next time you import another CSV, speeding up the process if you plan on importing CSVs again and again as part of your workflow. Unlike Airtable's regular CSV import, the CSV import app adds new records to an existing table. If you're looking to create new tables or bases from a CSV, try using Airtable's regular CSV import instead. Learn more