Jira Cloud

Import your Jira tasks and epics.

If you’re looking to coordinate tasks, share date dependencies, and extend project planning with teams on Jira, then try the Jira Cloud app. With the Jira Cloud app, you can initiate one-way imports from projects in Jira into Airtable. You can even refresh data so that the information stays up to date. Simply connect to your Jira Cloud account and select the desired project and issue types to get started. Mapping columns in your Jira project to your Airtable base is easy and the order and names of the fields in your Jira project don’t necessarily have to match the order and names of fields in your Airtable base. The Jira Cloud app will also remember your field mappings the next time you refresh or update your import, speeding up the process if you plan on importing projects again and again as part of your workflow. You will need Jira Cloud (not Jira Server) for the app to work—to check which version you’re on, follow the instructions here. Learn more