Low Tech Pdf

Generate a pdf from record data and attach the pdf file to the record.

Generate pdf attachments using your record data with the click of a button. PDFShift Integration This extension uses the PDFShift service to create your pdf file. If you do not have a PDFShift account, your pdf files will include the PDFShift logo. In order to remove the PDFShift logo from your pdf files, you will need a PDFShift account. Features Create a template using either HTML or Markdown and the Mustache template system to include field values in double curly braces: {{fieldName}}. Include headings, tables, images, and more. Including styling using CSS. Edit the template directly in the extension, or in any plain text editor. No logging into another service to create or edit the template. Only collaborators with creator permissions can edit the template. Editors can create pdf files, but not alter the template. Generate multi-page pdf files, based on the content in your data. Premium Features: Purchase a premium license at Gumroad to Remove the Low Tech Pdf watermark. You will also need a PDFShift subscription to remove the PDFShift watermark. See an HTML preview of the document before converting. Use JSON field values. Why "Low Tech"? The templates and styling require hand coded HTML or Markdown, and CSS. There is no WYSIWYG editor.